Tag dari deviant art webbies

Tag dari cik dayana pula.tapi tag ni agak unik.
sila jawab tag ini dari


Here goes the tag questions :

1. If helwa played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?
-penjual ubat gigi kot.lmao..

2. If rafik and nabila s teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?
-hell on earth ahaha!

3. Does luqa make you hot?
-hot celah mana zzzzz.

4. What would you do if shada and rafik were going out?
-ahahaha.LOL aku taleh imagine.

5. Do you love atufah?
-yes of course.damn sure.

6. Have you ever had lunch together with dayana?
-never.tak penah terfikir pun till now.haha cik dayana jaga2,nak muntah kedarah ni XD

7. Describe rafik in one word.
-gilababi (satu ni kan?)

8. Describe tksan in five words.
-berambut mcm vanness.haha LOL
-mmu student
-gimme a hell yeah!

9. Does izzah make you hot?
-ape sial soalan sama ZZZZZ

10. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, asyikin or dayana?
-let them decide.haha tangan aku besa.dan aku juga berat.sape yg larat mau bawak XD

i tag everybody that mentioned in this tag.sila jawab pls.
oh and also sihin.kau jgn kecik ati lagi.aku dah tag ni.jawab pls aku nak tgk kau jawab.