weird dream

i always this weird dream..
in this dream..i sat on the rocks,and infront of me there is a lake.
as i sat there,I've been thinking.

what is life?
what is the meaning of life?

and i thought,

life is not a book.
and it can end in a matter of seconds.

and then i thought,
it cant just end like that.

i thought about all the people who love us,
waiting at home,
who will never see us again.

and then i thought,
what if there is no one?
what if you live your whole life and there is no one waiting?

after that i woke up,realizing i was having this weird dream.
so i continue back to my sleep.
and trying to look for any kind of answer.


Unknown said...

what r u thinking?

ur being creepy.sangat creepy

Rfq Kml said...

its the mystery of life that even albert einstein cannot me.there`s always someone waiting for every single one of matters if you were Hitler or even Geore W Bush or Kurt Cobain or else, as Rafiq and Qayyumx respectively.someone is always watiting for us.someone, is. :]

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

well im not sure about whos waiting for me.i think nobody.

sure.the mouth can say anything the person wants.


the hearts say anything that the "minds" wants.

and with differs.