being sentimental

im currently listening to some sentimental songs which is :

amy mastura - kembalilah
chris vadham - nyanyian dalam sepi
visa - untuk selamanya
saleem - ratu sanubari
hattan - samba apa sahaja hurt.a lot.deep inside.sangat hurt.its been wounded,and then healed,and then wounded again,and then for a period of time it bleeds too much.n then its stop.sometimes it bleeds again.i dont understand.why shud honesty played? i mean.there is this 4 traits of a prophet siddiq,amanah,tabligh and fatanah.i wonder why,people keep claiming they are good.they just cant cross this and that,but then it comes to honesty,i dont know.why dont u answer it for me.

to me,and my policy,honesty is the modest.and then ignorance is the saying.i dont mind getting caught in red fire if im telling the doing good by revealing the truth.i talk u listen and think.not i talk,u backfire on reasonable.

just like the uitm incident (October 2008).i revealed the truth.instead of the others supports me.they decided to cover it mother always told me to be honest son.its the best way of living.i dont see any significant why people keep claiming they are pious.never forget and abandon any prayings and chanting ALLAH's name after praying.but when it comes to honesty,they failed.there is no such thing as white lie.and there is no such thing as telling lies just to make another party to be it fake hope.yes i LIE too.but i most of the time im just being honest and that makes me one of the greatest CURSERS in here.i dont mind scolding people as they being silly and acting stupid and doing things without using the BRAIN.a simple BABI or BODOH or PANTAT MAK KAU is simple.just to get the idea i dont like or im mad in their heads.that is my way of being honest and at the same time hurt their tiny puny human feelings and at the same time focusing on my point i dont LIKE IT AT ALL.yes let me get all the least im not adding additional sins by being hideous and hypocrite.and not to mention backtalking and gossiping.

if the world is so simple like what im gonna list down just now,wudnt it be perfect?

Press 1 : for yes.
Press 2 : for no.
Press 3 : for im quite not sure.

so.simple.there is no need to manipulate or telling white lies or acting stupid and nothing when sumthing open.if u dont like me then just talk to me.ur mad with me just say it out loud.hate me.detest me.kick sick of being sick of this world hypocritness in each and everyone of the human not telling u that im clean-free from lies but,hey.use ur brain.there is a critical and tedious moment which people is.ops sorry ARE ABLE TO TELL LIES.think about it.

p/s : honesty is the modest.
p/s 2 : lies for the liars.
p/s 3 : im losing my heart.closing it soon.tight and they key i shall throw in the deepest pit of abyss and there is almost impossible to unlock it back without any sacrifices done.


aha keke said...

aku dh tekan 5...
xjd ape2 pn?

aha keke said...

kalau nk main-main jugak cam ne?
kalau main-main jugak kene ape?
hinggap selipar dikepala?

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

aduhhh salehhaaaaaaaaa kau berdua jgn la buat scene kat sini.pegi bergaduh secara private pls

aha keke said...

biar la mok....

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

LOL? dua2 aku tendang nanti

Rfq Kml said...

jgn la bergaduh kerana ku

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

pening.dah dah 3-3 aku tendang kelangit nnt mcm luffy tendang masira haha