u think main game easy?

sorry la.this is for who think game itu di main for fun.salah pernyataan tu.bila game itu hanya di main di rumah,dan bukan ke public atau online game.itu baru boleh di panggil playing for fun.

apabila game ini di bawak main secara online,dan di mainkan secara public.itu bukan lagi play for fun.in fact.when di main secara online dan publicly.kau representing urself.representing ur race.representing ur skills.representing everything about yourself.do kalau tak sedia tuk dunia yg kejam ni.jangan la main.better u go play gameboy or congkak.dari menyakitkan hati aku.

yes.i am glad and proud to say im a professional gamer.been in this scene for almost 15 years.from PS to PC.semua dah aku conquer.nuff said.i represent myself in arrogant,agony,super ego and i hate losing.and when i win i do downgred my enemies.thats why my enemies consider me as their worst fucking nightmare.and i dowan to see them before my eyes again.they arent my match.

tonite i am fucking mad and angry.lets talk about dota.a very simple offensive and defensive game involving 3 lanes and a throne.

to those who find my writing tonite is crap.u can go to hell please.go die.stop being my friend and stop respecting me as a professional gamer.

in dota.there is several roles such as ganger,carry,warder,supporter,tanker and killer.
simply put,

ganger-this role initiate gang bang.skill spammer,usually a stunner hero which stuns the hero for 2-4 seconds.

tanker-this role takes dmg and occasionally stuns opponent.can deal a massive amount of dmg.with the help of supporter and ganger,opponent usually dies in 3-4 skill combo.

carry-this role is the main killer of the team.together with killer,they kills the opponent with ease.not to mention team gang bang.this role has only to kill.nothing to do with supporting,stunning or whatever with the team.just kill.nuff said.

killer-this role is the backup for carry role.if the carry misses the kill,this killer role will finish up the job.usually partnered with carry heros.

warder-this role is unique in the team.they observe enermy from the jungle and then alerting the team for gang bang situation.key to each team.

supportive-this role is meant to support.amplifies damage,provide heal power,slow power,negate spells and they are meant to be sacrifice to ensure the kills.they die nvm.janji dapat bunuh.

tonite i am fucking angry.its becauase my team dunno what they are doing.bodoh.benak.what are u guys thinking.main dah lama.tapi yet main mcm noobs.wtf guys? masing2 berlagak killer and carry.pick hero killers and carry.but main mcm pukimak bapak kau? wtf? i hate losing.u already know that dont you? why bila aku ajar and suruh do this and that kau tanak buat.susah sangat ke sial? penat aku ajar kau tau tak.bukan susah.just do what i said.simple.dont go alone.dont go jungle.dont hunt alone.etc.

kau tau tak killer and carry heroes ada spesific special skills yg betol2 crucial di gunakan.not to waste each skill sbb mana pool hero2 begitu sangat sikit,more over kene pandai placing diri in the right spot,must have everything simulated in mind before killing people or gang bang.bukan kau suka2 pick hero kills.farm 24 jam.kalau mcm tu baik amik supporter or tanker.killer,ganger and carry dapat duit from hero kills.so kau yg nak farm tu main jela tank or support.kalau takut mati,takut nak spam skill.dont play dota.go play GUGU JIAO BETTER.GO DIE PLS.menyirap darah kau tau tak.main dah dekat 3-4 taun.tapi benak nak mampus.wei malu la kalah dgn low lvl.nak harap aku sorang kejadahnya.mana nak letak maruah ni woi.

SO PLEASE.TO THOSE YG INGAT MAIN GAME NI FOR FUN.IA TIDAK SEPERTI YG ANDA SANGKAKAN.im so tension tonite.thanks for my nose sbb seseme.and i told u guys already.aku seseme.senang naik angin.so dont try the fuck to make me angry.fuck i've lost harapan dah dgn u guys.this saturday boleh pegi mati.too late dah to improve the team.let the cup go.kalau pegi pon buat malu aku.lose face.simpan mimpi jela.

-aku yg sangat emo-


Rfq Kml said...

benak itu tetap ada.hahah