em.maybe this is it.

On broken wings I'm falling
And it won't be long
The skin on me is burning
By the fires of the sun
On skinned knees
I'm bleeding
And it won't be long
I've got to find that meaning
And I'll search for so long

im tired of hurting people.maybe this is it.the time i wanna be all alone.absolute alone moment.i wanna find myself.im deciding.i'll be gone with the wind.i'll still be watching.


Unknown said...

kau hurt pasangan gay kau kah?
tell me.

cheer up woit!

have a beautiful day and smile!

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

malas.mulai dari hari itu.hilang senyuman di muka aku ni.

crackerzx said...

o0o la...