equalavant trade.

"in order for you to earn/gain something.one must trade/sacrifice it.one must not have two in one hand"

i pick over responsibility but not you.i made up my mind and thats how things are and things gonna be soon.

you are most welcome to hate me.detest me.and that is how i've become strong.

p/s : hatred,anger,pain,frustration,agony,thats all leads to endless strength.turn all of this into objective.

(currently listening to damien rice - delicate)


Unknown said...

nvrmind...like always.you and your world...

till when u wanna be like this..

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

dont know.takpa.its always been like this.u nak blame me for ruining it pon takpa.

my last relationship pon i ruin it.yesss.blame me.takyah tunggu.ur still young.still ada banyak lagi adventure u can embark on.dont hang around me.

go on.be free.