a love confession.

i love defense of the ancients.i love mirana nightshade.i love luna moonfang,i love tidehunter,i love clockwerk goblins.i love double damage rune.i love the perfectness of ganking style.i love being a starter.i love being a supporter.and most imporantant of all.i love lanc.inc

i love my boys.

gaysha,gaymonkey,gayrackers,faiz mat lazim,gayyong,gayghost,azmirah.gayyo brothers.hyde,
and those people whos in the room 50 MY,SG 15 and room 20 MY and also CW 1 and 2 MY.

i love zbz clan,i love kcr clan, i love lord clan.the monkeys and ex-lanc inc crews

but now :(
i gotta stop playing :(
got a world to save :(
got a responsibility to hold :(
got a lotssa lotssa work to do :(
got a people to manage :(
got a charity to hold :(
got a people to entertain :(

im sorry dota :(
i gotta say this :(

lets breakup today :(
dont u ever! ever! find me back again !
go away..
i dont love you..
love wont find away for us to be together again :(



Anonymous said...

maiz kacak : sedey sial T_T

~PaMpeRed bY worDs~ said...
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~PaMpeRed bY worDs~ said...

Sedih sungguh kisah cinta kamu... ;p

sHiNo said...

tumpg simpati..
tapi, to dota, have to say gudbye gak T___T

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

haah.aku nangis T.T jugak - maiz
cis jelir lidah pula - ebyll
makasih sihin kerana memahami aku - sihin

Luna said...

Heh. Luna Moonfang je? Luna K?:P

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

luna k pon boleh.haha XD

Unknown said...

hw bout emma q?

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

kau semak emma q.blah la