a week full of blessing.

em.i dowanna say much,but i'll shortlist em all.

• ASTENA project - Apa ada dalam surat khabar : successful (gila boom teater kali ni)
•MASB113 - Debat Perdana Ala Parliment : successful (got the title pendebat terbaik)
•Pertandingan Karoke Amanah : manage to get into the final round on 15/10 (i dont know what song to sing)

all my hard work pays.i wanna say thanks to people who involved indirectly or directly with all of my projects.im happy.im glad.really.i shud get this done long time ago when i was in uitm.

well i've seize the day.im proud of myself.im a proud man today.

to friends who invite me to ur open houses : thanks a lot.the food was good.hope u all dont mind i eat up like a mad cow

to friends who i didnt attend the invitation of ur open houses : i am very truly sorry.i cant be here n there at the same time.i'll try my best to attend it next year

to friends who i cudnt keep my promise : im very sorry.im apologizing from the bottom of my heart.

lastly i wanna say,lets all do out best in our finals.shall we?

everybody! work hard! gambatte minna-san!

aku hanya mampu cakap sapa tak datang rugi.haha!

haha ada isteri dua XD

kene bedal huwa

bergado di opis.aha

pusher haha!

whole crew :D

btw gambar debat and karoke i will upload later.stay tuned :D

p/s : next project, im gonna be the MPP.well? try me!


Ezzatul Ameera said...

MPP? semoga berjaya yum!

. said...

ha nice to see ur alive and well mofuc!

goodluck in MPP thingy btw

carpe diem!