4.05 am.

jolting whatever 2009 thingy which happens.

-lets starts with uitm.quitted : reason - better not to be asked.
-march - june : breakup : reason - egoistic and silly reasons.i had to blame her.not me.
-jan - july : working
-july : went back studying.

-july - september : went thru hell hole.
-september - dec : get back on my feet.several wonderful things happen.not taken granted about it

currently dec :
: - retired from dota,
: - loan frozen.
: - having trouble with responsibility given.
: - just now, i just see things which i didnt want to see.and it broke my heart again.

em sakit nya.sekali lagi aku meronta.haih...
kehidupan aku penuh dgn jalan berliku.

gotta get a grip.gotta get a grip of myself.
stay tough,stay tough yum.
being alone is not so bad.yeah not so bad.

oh oh~ aku lah serigala tandus..


|yanA Azizi| said...

yeah!.be tough, be strong!.

Anonymous said...

mari berusaha kpd ke arah yg lebih baik! *wink*

stay strong, stay tough.yeah..