im sick.

symptoms :

-my hands are shaking like a parkingson patient
-my heart is beating like crazy clock and feels like popping out
-cant sleep at night
-having nightmares
-lost of focus (cant focus at times)
-heads feeling like popping
-i hear noises "in" the ears
-excessive amount of adrenaline pumped until i had to punch some door just to release it.
-feel like screaming at times.
-feel destructable like a crane/hulk.

what defect is im having right now? urgh somebody help me.


Anonymous said...

g wudu', then smyg.xpn bce quran.lalalala~~ (tbe2 cm rse nk sepak diri sndri cm poyo plk kn??) hahahah..

Tankian said...

ko sakit mati xjugak....

Pisey said...

naah.dun worry.
im experiencing the exact thing.
or much worse maybe.