world is changing.lets see what 2010 holds for us.

world biggest dota name retires from the scene :

- maelk,hyhy,vigos + qayyumx.haha perasan samakan diri dgn level diorang.disbanding the gonna train my little brother ,hyde to replace me.

having my own office to do works :
-yeah i fucking like ada gambar tiffany dekat dlm bingkai haha kalau malas bole tgk dan serta merta jadi rajin.

CGMB 234 classes :
-i fucking love this too.MSD/multimedia system design involves flash,illustrator and photography too.woo nicee.definitely gonna score A+ on me T.J Iskandar.i'll bloom in ur class in a matter of time.i'll prove all those fresh degree they need just more then brain to defeat my creativity on this one.

-next month the training will soo looking foward to freshies.ask them to join us.yee haa! aliya and zul might be interested to join.hmm.

UNI10 Cup :
-soo not gonna comment much on this.starting next week.1st game.last week friendly we lose
1-0 to team barca.uwa

Repeated Classes :
-im gonna take it slow this regrets,but repairing the CGPA is my top priority now.

right.thats all for now.

p/s : to family and friends, thanks for the birthday wish i got from u guys.thats really make my day :)

p/s 2 : special thanks to din,lan.asra n ina for the barbican night at the castle.

p/s 3 : special thanks also to izza izza and intan for being a joker on my birthday night.

p/s 4 : special thanks to rudy and jj sbb bg tau 5 dec is the world ninja day.

p/s 5 : special thanks yo nur raihan ruslan (yunie-chan) sbb sings for me on the phone wishing happy birthday.ur so ex ex ex girlfriends wudnt do that tho.

p/s 6 : special thanks to luqa sbb datang melepak di rumah aku yg cukup tinggi ni.haha mekasih mann

a very super special thanks to Luna Kaulitz :) thanks for accompanying me on that night.sangat berterima kasih daun keladi sila buat lagi XD


Luna said...

wah! ada special thanks. haha! ini boleh mendatangkan perasan special.

of cos. kalau ada ubi keladi buat lagi.