im here to talk

maybe im not a politician.maybe im not a good citizen.and maybe.i am not a hero for my own race.

malays? chinese? indians? bumiputra?

racist everywhere.yeah.this thing will not,will be not,wont be,like forever,and ever.and ever settled.

siti inshah insults the chinese people,namewee insults too.cant u see the chains of hatred here?

to namewee, in ur video clip "nah".u says that "sapa cakap orang melayu kena puasa"
and i wud like to say "why buddha kena makan oren"

do u ever learn about islam? no.
do i know why buddha likes oranges? no i dont.

is this u call step up and show ur opinion? no i dont think so.

to siti inshah, does ur saing reflects urself as a teacher? no i dont fucking DO.
and i wud like to say "ur fucking old to become a principle"

is this how u treat people? students mainly?

government needs to do something about this.really.namewee has been forgiven once.but this? before this he did insult tnb.tu la pandai sangat belajar kat taiwan.anything about engineering pun tak tau.pandai blame je.bijak.

ISA needs to be enforced.biar org nak kata apa.there is a need that one SOLID POWER in malaysia to be matter what race,what rank,what kind of people are u.and this SOLID POWER DOESNT NEED to be affected by anything or anyone.

im so fucking sick living in malaysia.most malays i meet doesnt ever feel grateful with what they been having for so long time.just watch uitm.see what they have become.

i myself competing since my high school.with all of the chinese indians.and made several good bonds with them.better then the people i knew in uitm.i feel ashamed sometimes.why are they acting like this.

so up ur eyes.please.
and the chinese, i dont think that u guys alone made malaysia is malaysia today.go learn some history 1st.insult the race,its okay,when it comes to religion.thats not ok.thats globally insulting.

p/s : well,malaysian shud be lucky.cause im not one of the minister here.and if ..i got selected..these scenarios will change..