mc donald.

today i didnt eat anything.since i woke up at 4. and its a public holiday.and then i was stuck at home with no always its has been raining these 2-3 days back. and i was so fuckin hungry.

for this past week. like usual there is nothing to eat since my mom doesnt cook anything at all. and since i had no method of getting out from the house i spend my time watching korean dramas. until around 3 am just now i went to mc donald to have some meal.

alone. in the wilderness of the night ahaha.

yeah and i saw this chinese family. right there infront of me. the family is having mc donald in the midst of the sunday morning. and the "harmony" aura from the chinese family getting into my "alone" aura.

and there i stood.and my mind went out..searching for a memory..

and i ask myself a question.

"when is the last time my family had mc donald together?"

i try to dig in. trying to remember every fast food that dad or mom has bought for me and for the family. i found nothing. there hasnt any moment i could remember. i was sure there was none. right.

i could not finish this writings right now. i dont know why.