several ways to die trying

went to kl last friday with wan n mamat.haha actually went there to pick sani up.since dia taknak balik, so jadinya pegi tangan kosong,balik tangan kosong.

went to ikano for croc warehouse sale.mamat says they sell original and pirated me? i dont care kot.footware,dresses and style isnt my all okay with what im fine.

watch step up 3 in cineplex.i sleep half way due to extreme tiredness since i've been working and didnt have proper sleep.after that went to rasta ttdi for berbuka puasa.i've lost all my might after that.hearing sani wanna buy us karoke,so we drove to mid valley.but then bila pergi mid valley dia cakap suruh pegi mines pulak..celaka hahah.

so we went to mines.then dia sampai.instead of he paying,he ask us for rm 10.hahah what??? celaka camni dia buat.i didnt heal voice.teruk.we sing about for 2 hours.then we straight go hack to cyberjaya.hantar kawan dia balik.

ohh wait before pegi cyber we lepak @ andalus for some shisha.i met my fellow KCR the clan lord amin.

and so the picture goes down here.

and now.i just wake up from a deep sleep since 9.30 pm.i feel fresh.i need to stop being abnormal.i will repair this.i will.


paeh,milo & amin

black,arip & fai