chapter (i dont know what) of my book of dota

[21:57:51]:iha0 - whicch malay pro?

so.if you're chinese and does that make you any different from me? does that make u ub3r naturally pro player? no. i've spend 8 years in dota arena and i can consider myself as the best of malaysian could provide beside the usual powerhouse team like, and so.
i just dont have the opportunity to join them just because i am a malay and in fact they all are chinese based team.who said 1MALAYSIA and ASIAN aint racist? they do.

i coulda beat them.believe i can.but maybe i'll keep that aside for now.for those chinese, please. do not ever think that you guys are better than the malays. u all have been mingling around the usual and tipical malays that u guys found but you guys didnt found me yet.

and to tell you guys about how great my game play is, all i can say is i had ERROR when i try to COUNT the COUNTLESS OPPONENT THAT I HAD with my SAYS MATH ERROR sometimes.usually STACK ERROR.

(former player for KCR team, semi-carry/ganker - position)
(former clan lord and captain for LANC.INC team, one of the most powerful malays team ever formed in garena history)