im writing this shit just so you noobs do not blame pros for hacking or bugging

in order to play video games in most professional way in a stylish way of any human could, i am separating this guide in 3 section. with no further ado, lets go into the 1st section.

section number 1 - the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects.

first.ask urself.for what do you play video games.i'll narrow it down to dota.for what do you play dota? do you find it amusing? interesting? how much you wanna achieve in this game? how far will you go in this particular game? what will you earn along the way? what title are you looking for?

if you answer - I PLAY FOR FUN. are not suited to play are not born to play this suggestion is for you to spend some money in the local fun are looking for fun.dota is no fun man.dota is stressful.dota is about killing your enemies in the most fast,stylish,undetected,massive battle way.if you are telling yourself that you are going to play dota for fun? i suggest that you go to the fun fair once again.

ok games are for fun.what define u have fun when you're losing? NO I DONT.NO U DONT.and it depends on the GENRE u SMART ASS.

take a look this is a scenario that happens in dota if you play for fun.

-when people kill you and getting powerful after that,you losing the game.dont you think you wasted 45 mins of your life of getting pwned?

-dont you feel like slaying off your opponent?

-dont you think that you're just another burden to other people playing?

-people are relying on you man.people say you are what you me what are what you play.if i cant rely on you in do i rely on you in reallity?


and this is part one for my article.stay tuned for part 2