im writing this shit just so you noobs do not blame pros for hacking or bugging - part 2

so part 1 i've told you all bout the PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects that needed in every im gonna write down the 2nd aspect which is - GEARS.

so for you people to go gaming smoothly and nicely, and most importantly fragging those noobs. all you guys need is a good gear.

section number 2 - GEARS.

tell me. do you own a computer? or laptop? or even a notebook? that came with a stable internet line? 1 mb speed of streamyx? no necessarily 1 mb, 512 kbps is enough. if you think you own all of these, you are FREAKIN WRONG.

again. tell me. have you encountered the moment where when you are running away from opponent, or chasing them, or in a massive team battle. does your computer hangs? or lagging? or cant even see whats happening?

let me tell you this. get a good computer and a good line.this 2 things is important for serious gamer.spend some cash to get some good me. i own a good/decent computer but not with a good internet connection since there is not much i can do as i am not paying for the service.but its enough for me.

when you are gaming, do not go for wireless cause it does not support full bandwith as LAN cable does.and if your computer is and old one, do not run too many background process while playing.

next, aid yourself with a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard.yes.i mean it gives you more precise control to your units and playing smoothly are crucial in dota.gaming headphones also come in handy when you are using vent. so that the communication wont lost during matches.

next is to have yourself with some utilities such as WARKEYS, or DOTA KEYS or MEEPO not play the game by the game default settings.learn new the way, this is not a way of cheating.this is utilities for god sake.

so before you guys enter any battle or any game, equip yourselves with these things.believe me. this will boost your winning percentage by 60%.

now you see?