after 23 games.

13 win and 10 lose. that is my stats now in dota 2. i think i shud share what did i learn and experience in dota 2. for future reference.

the pro & cons of dota 2.

dota 2 is a much real than dota 1. the animation. the timing, the physics, if u just a dota player and didnt play other games, u wont probably understand about that physics of the game. for example, try far cry 1 and 2. if ur walking and hit urself with some wooden block or tripped on a stone u would probably fall. the same with dota 2, u'll get bounced a bit if ur going thru some creeps and when ur stepping in the river, its kinda slow, the animation only, but not affecting ur original MS.

every clicks u made affects u, wasting clicks in dota 1 doesnt seems giving u much trouble, but in dota 2, wasting clicks equals wasting moves. thus, my method to last hit in dota 1, seems like not to suits dota 2 last hitting method which involved pressing "S" to stop hitting. a very big disadvantage to me. i can only use "S" when using skills or movements, but not farming.

and the the items, the shop is okay, but the right click to buy items really gives me problem. everytime im getting item, i need to right click on it, and the courier system also is trouble some. in dota 1, just select all and press "A" to collect, press "D" to get it all back. in dota 2, the chick need to grab all, and then press "T" to transfer and "R" to speed burst, its kinda troublesome.

and the map is also troublesome for me. because it is too real, u can see stairs which gives u the perspective of land elevation, which means u dont want to miss any attacks when ur in lower ground right?

fog of war also determines ur sensitivity, u need LED screen to get the perspective for the fog of war, if u really get by what i mean. the colors of the fog, blends in ur lighting environment. senang kata kalau kau main dalam lampu bilik, kau rasa fog of war tu silau, tak berapa nak clear. lagi pun lepas 23 games, aku masih tak biasa lagi dgn selok belok hutan, eventho design sama, tapi physics game tu lain. thus mmg tak biasa.

this is all for now which i can list down. for a person who did dota 1 since the age of Judgement Day early in 2004, i think to adept in dota 2 is quite hard. u need to train back from step one. some people tau cakap je, "eh senang je aku last hit, ok je aku main" <---- ini ayat poyo nak mampus. aku main dah lama tak biasa, kau sesenang je cakap kau ok. tapi main cam haram gak.

mohon jangan terasa.