rebel days

lately i've been pretty occupied with a lot of workload. surges of stresses, a little bit of a mild fever, fatigue and everything else. realising that this situation is squeezing me out of place, taking me to the very edge of a breaking point, before i snap, i must find a solution to this.

and suddenly when i was at the youtube, i came across this acoustical guitar of a great song during my age of rebels, switchfoot -24. this song is about failures, about this world, about everything, almost. and it took quite a relief inside of me. listening to these kinds of music.

lets take of to the early years of 2002. i was in form 3, dad used to scold me for nothing. i am quite stressed that time. he even took my game boy away, lock me away from freedom. but that time i learn about radio. haha lame. layan radio bila umur 15. that time i dont know the existence of ERA, or whatever radio that time. all i know is this song which i listens to yahoo music, good charlotte - predictable. and i was tuning in that song one time, after that, another song which belongs to the same genre, over and over again. and i was like, whoa great music at time like this. and it was radio 4, by RTM.

it was great, the dj that time i forgot lah what is his name, he is an indian DJ, loves liverpool so much that time. he is very cool, providing live football matches updates everyminutes, and keep playing great music.good charlotte - lifestyle of the rich and famous, predictable, etc2, blink 182 - i miss u, the adams song, greenday, oasis, radiohead, audioslave, simple plan, billy talent, switchfoot, 30 sec to mars, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, lifehouse, sum 41, silverchair, the used, linkin park, limp bizkit, SOAD, ryan cabrera, jesse mccartney. man. its too much to mention the names here.

in 2005, i get my 1st mp3 and started to gaming professionally, and that is the reason why i stop listening to the radio, and most of the song i can get it from the internet. and i started the diploma in puncak alam. voila. and i dont know what happen to radio 4/

what a very nostalgic moment. i grew up with these memories. i wonder what does today kids have as their memorable moment.

lemme guess, niki "fucking" minaj? one "fucking" gay direction? justin "asshole" bieber? camel dung soaked in her own mother urine rihanna? lady "whore" gaga?

such rubbish.