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#np - andrew belle's make it without u.

i've been thru a bad week, obviously. i am still sick. diagnosed with a mild pneumonia. thats not really a good news that i want to hear from a doctor. yes my breathing is troubled, literally, its kinda "heavy-feeling" when ur taking a breath, because ur lungs is having more than enough moisture for it to absorb oxygen. i've still got sore throat, still coughing and having a mild fever overtime. but not like last thursday, cant take it no more. i fall. hit rock bottom hard. 

oh and please dont worry about me. i'll find a way to cure myself. after all  these days, i am the only one who could really tell what i want, what i need to make myself better.

#np - keris patih's mengenangmu

KCR won todays tourney in UPM, succeeding in getting the 1st place, congratulations. and i cant be there, i went for #twtupdarahCP 2.0 in sime darby medical centre to donate some blood. unfortunately i am sick, so i was banned from donating blood. sad. but attending and cheering up the people is more than enough. good job #celakaparty for those charities events u guys organized.

guess i really need to start to care about my health. i shud get a raincoat, wear hats, bring mineral water to work, wear jackets if i need to travel at night, wear mask during a ride. u'll never know what kind of bacteria or virus will invade ur immune system and attack u at the right spot.

well, until then. this is it for today. i'll try la. i'll try to less up my activities, get enough sleep, less ice in drinks, less oil, more stairs and more sports.

and thank you god for letting me having these sets of friends, without em, my world, wud be very dull. i dont know what i'll do with this life without em.