the 900.

yo, have u played tony hawk pro skaters series? if u do, this "900" is his special. spin in mid air a few times before landing. cool yo.

but this is not what i am here to talk about. sedar tak sedar this is the 7th year i have been blogging. since xanga era. since tripod and altavista era. if u guys are around to see those thing lived and died. past few month i am dealing with this addict. this addiction to say something on the virtual world. twitter. for example.

twitter is a place where i jolt down all of my feelings, rage, sad, anger, happy, boring, lonely, blah blah blah. up to this point, i have tweeted at about 85,306 tweets since 2009. i still do remember the 1st tweet "esok nak convo, yay" and "i need to practice Marvel vs Capcom alot" aha. since that day, twitter has become my alternate reality. whenever, wherever, whatever. every single minutes, everysingle emotions, everysingle action mesti nak tweet. for what reason, till now i dont know for what i am saying all of those things.

i have to say twitter also acts like ur own personal microblog. u share things, ideas, this and that all over twitter. and yes twitter also serve its purposes by having bots reporting about traffic updates, news, sports, this, that, shits, chings and chongs. selain serve purpose sebagai medan propaganda, medan bashing, medan itu dan ini serta medan tahi bagi mereka-mereka yang sering mendambakan benda2 begini. twitter can be considered as a drug that u didnt consume but its addictive. most of the people i know when they start twitter, fb diorang terus. lesap. mix with the hype people inside, a little bit of this, a bit of that. twitter is everything.

its up to u actually, for what twitter is being used for, and either it benefits u or not. i deactivated my twitter account today. i told people who ask that i need and seek motivation. but actually its not.

twitter change me. i failed. i failed to change twitter into me. 1st of all, people might say oh kalau kita guna benda ni elok2, kita yang buat dia, bukan dia buat kita, takdenye addict. this is where u guys get it wrong. as u know, i am a very straight forward guy. u know how highly discipline i am in person. u can judge me by asking me for lepak. tanya siapa sampai dulu. of course the answer shud be me. or even lewat or tak jadi pun i will always bagi tau prior in time. i start using twitter often last year. and yeah meeting new people is fun. tweet sampah tweet bash tweet apa lancau semua is best for the moment. and now dah sampai tahap the fuck i am doing here. i miss this, i miss that, i miss a lot of events in the real life. i miss the moment where my nephews and nieces grow. i hardly know their names. i miss the books, i used to be a bookworm but nowdays i havent read and accomplish any. i hardly take care of my computers. i hardly lepak with budak2 kampung yang kerja kat KL ni. and i didnt visit any of my relatives here. i miss a lot of things. sabtu ahad pegi lepak dgn those guys, malam balik kerja, pegi twtup sini sana. betul social life, but bila kita dah terlalu deep dgn those things. twitter has become our realiti.

true twitter ni ada faedahnya. kawan2 baru, info2 baru. banyak lagi. tak tercakap kalau nak cerita baik buruk dia. look at me. dulu waktu awal2 kerja, aku tidur awal. 12-1 tu dah tido, sekarang melampau2. pukul 3 terkebil2 main phone duk baca timeline. it affects me. bangun awal, jadi lemau, rehat tak cukup, otak tak fresh, prestasi kerja mcm celaka, datang lewat, tak fokus, khayal. this and that. banyak lagi benda2 tak elok terjadi pada diri ni bila dah obses sangat dgn twitter, dangerous. and today i decided to take actions.

take down my own twitter account. for now, the main twitter account is deactivated, soon the private account too. and all of those parody account and including my facebook too. i will leave my instagram, youtube, flickr, whatsapp and blogger account active for the time being. i am not going to turn anti-social. but limiting myself, for a good cause and purpose.

tiada kejadian putus cinta ke, kejadian butthurt or kejadian memilukan untuk aku bertindak mcm ni.

this is me taking actions towards my own life and setting the right course for my future.

i will be back. tapi bukan di dalam masa terdekat ni, u know where to find me, if u try hard enough.



Ifti Larina said...

nasib baik tergerak hati stalk blog ni. yum kot ye pun nak deactivate gimme some heads up la, haritu alamat yum tu mana sempat amik -__- taknak kad raya ke?