women from the last century

i've met one, but cant really keep her around. she does things where others didnt do. she does things that others who are living in this age doesnt. she is she, and she is not trying so hard to copy all the stuffs from TV series or any lovey dovey movies. and im gonna share whatever that i can remember.

- she posts u cards, or by hand each time u spent sometimes with her.
- she rather choose to buy any potato chips and enjoy sunset with ya rather than hanging out in a mall
- the one who pops up ur bottle of water behind ur back and surprise u with her actions.
- and she is the one who insist u to play the game of , guess where is the signboard, alphabets is, either her or ur town.
- the one who posts u medical supplies if she heard ur falling sick.
- the one who text u by ur name 10 times, and when u ask apa, she replied takde apa and then gone.
- the one who ask u, have u played ur video game yet? because she needs u afterwards.
- she surprised u with her teleportation tech, suddenly she's there, in front of ur house, taking u out for a dinner or late night movie.
-the one who wakes u up in the middle of the night just to tell u that the moon is beautiful tonight and ask u to take the moon's photo just to make sure u didnt lie.
- she is the one who refuse to buy couple seats in the movies and dislikes love movies.
- and she is the one who turn the tradition of making guys buys girls teddy bear, instead she gave one to u.

and there is a little few more. trying hard to figure it outta my brain. oh well. selamat bersahur. goodnight.