what happened?

its 12.28 pm in the afternoon. and today i have come late again in the office. 10.45 am. due to i cant control myself last night. lately, i cant define what am i. who am i. its getting worst. dulu boleh maintain tidur 1.30 setiap hari. lepas tu naik 2.30. and sekarang dah pukul 4 pagi, masih tak boleh tidur. what the hell man.
disiplin diri makin teruk. last month lebih 10 kali datang lewat, this month pon boleh kata hari2.

actually quality of life deteriorating. itu tak kena ni tak kena. honestly, aku tak berapa suka environment aku sekarang. these people around me is leeching whatever they can. selagi boleh manipulate, diorang manipulate.

i want to get out of this hell hole. help me.