a dream

i had a weird dream. snakes, something not human, consuming alcohol. and stuff. waking up every morning losing all energy. it wasnt sleep at all. i was asleep but i am aware. its like going under.

1st day, i was attacked by a women figure, she's knocking on my windows and when i try to open up and she screams. i woke up and realize it was 7.45 am. bathing in pure sweat.

the next day i am having a dream about snakes. i can see myself sleeping, and there is a black-red colored snake sleeping besides me. waking up 7.45 am. again in pure sweat.

the next day is the same. the snake sleeps above my head and start hissing, as he is prepared to attack.

and this afternoon after sleeping almost 20 hours, i was dreaming about drinking 2-3 cans of carlsberg and getting caught by a women in hijab.

the similarities of all of these series of dream is i always wake up tired. bathing in sweat. and im not sure either i am sleeping or not.

i did my research on google regarding dreams with snakes and alcohol. none of them were pleasantly described. it was the same with the dreams. it was not pleasant and entertaining at all. plus the headache u get waking up from a bad dream.

i called my mom. and she said somebody is going after me. i tried to dismiss her fear by saying dreams is just a game. another realm of satan trying to put me astray. i had 3 weird dreams before. it was a major thing. an old man came and wanna be friends with me, and want to share something. and i was taken to a bunian village during my time in uniten.

and she told me things. doa, baca ayat kursi 44 kali sepanjang malam. and some air penawar she gets.

i wonder what will i have tonight. i dont want any snakes, or any non-human figure. wasting myself with 3-4 cans of booze or any unpleasant dream.

is this the end?
in case u guys notice something happens, or i might not be acting like my usual self, or u notice that i did lose some weight drastically, do give my mom a call.

and i am going to bed again, right now.

yum, 11.52pm. 4/11/2012.
its home here in kinrara.


Pink said...

hmm kalau org pompuan mimpi ular2 ni, tanda org nak masuk minang.

pasal org tua nak berkawan n bg benda tu, means ade 'benda'(makhluk halus) yg nak berdamping dgn kau. kalau boleh jgn terima ape yg org tua tu nak bg. kalau kau trime, means kau terime dia masuk dlm kau.

ape2 pon banyak2 kan pagar diri, mengaji selalu. sebelum tidur baca fatihah, ayat kursi, 3 kul, selawat, syahadah. sapu dr kepala sampai kaki then baru tidur.

Atika Azumi said...

funny i was about to comment the very same thing as pink.

fatihah, 3 kul, ayat kursi, selawat before tdo. tiup kat tangan, sapu dr kepala sampai kaki.

syahadah b4 sleep, kot2 la tido tu tido terus. heheh