i find myself in a new environment early november. new people. new things. new job. new perspective. and currently im having a long holiday starting wednesday, and only get back to work on 19 nov.

on march i hard 12 days rest, and raya too, 3 days before raya and straight up until merdeka baru kerja. kaw-kaw cuti.

i think i am going to head back to home town on monday or tuesday. mom wants me to meet some ustaz for these night terrors that i am having lately. by the way it stops last tuesday. the last dream is about mirrors. when i try to look at the mirror and start shaving, it cracks. and then i went out, every single thing that made from glass cracks. the mirror, the mug, tv, window. name it.

and the next day it is done. no more night terrors.

i had to admit, these few weeks was hard enough. dealing with personal problems, career. relationshit.
no matter how hard i lied to myself saying things are going to get better, supposed to lah. it didnt change anything.

taking a few days off helps. i did visit my aunt for these past 3 days, makan home-cooked food instead of makan junk foods, crappy foods. mengaji abit. tido. and i start listening to dr intan. personal panel doctor. she said that i am not that fat anymore. all i have to do is to add fiber in my diet. i can still take any food in any quantity but i need to take snacks in between. fruits. green apple, almond, not roasted, dhal, anything with high fiber. so that the fat can be absorbed and turned in to energy. since i have a very tight schedule everyday, not to mention have to climb up stairs. moving here n there, my daily calories distribution is balance, and as well as maintaining heavy stress, does release enzymes that slowly burn all of my fats away.

did a thorough medical checkup. x-tray, bloodtest, eeg, urine and everything. i was declared healthy.

i shud be on pangkor by now, but the people from the resort call be back in tuesday morning saying there will be storm and ferry wont take people there, they want to refund but i said nevermind, a reschedule shud be enough.

oh last night i had fun, playing laser tag and having kenny rogers in ioi mall with scem office puan naha, moji, kak su and people from KJ. thanks to abg izat sbb invite. best gila. now i know what will happen if ur body keep pumping adrenaline.  tekak kering, heartbeat naik, jadi aware dengan keadaan sekeliling. laser tag is so much intense dari paint ball, cuma minus the pain la. and ada scoring points. so boleh tgk siapa tembak siapa, who had the most point. i did 3rd. codename andromeda, with 2430 as my score. 2nd place is moji, kak su punya score rosak, puan naha 1100 je, sad

tmr KCR gonna compete in ACG 2012 in ftz asia cafe, subang. will attend, and hopefully they will gain something from tmr match. winning or losing doesnt matter. what matters is they tried.

stay safe people.

im off to friday prayers.