i dont think a lot of people do watch this, and guess what, comments everywhere. with or without brain. but it came to my understanding that nurul izzah's statement can be misleading.

it isnt about whos playing the role. i doesnt have to be political enough to understand this. there is no need for  media to manipulate this statement into something else and fool people around.

"kebebasan beragama blah blah blah blah, termasuk orang melayu"

so tell me. doesnt that make ur dad inherit islam from ur akkong, and u inherit islam from ur dad, and maybe since it is too liberal and islam bukan agama paksaan, ur child will decide to practice taoism?

this is malaysia. and we're mostly malays (minus those pork eating and alcohol consuming ones) we are born and inherited down the religion from our ancestors. and that statement carries something malicious if u took em wrongly.

this isnt about politics u dumbfucks. this is about reading in between the lines and silver linings. who give a fuck about statement manipulating if the mind already receive something that dangerous as this. i didnt say izzah encourage people to murtad and live freely without any religion, but i am concern her statement toward those people here in malaysia obviously.

everyday, melayu di modenisasi, melayu di urbankan. (selain di arabkan oleh para saudara-saudari hipsters dan hijabsters)

and i didnt say this is wrong. i am saying ini tak patut. and there shud be beberapa opinion lain yang kata statement dia tak salah dan bersifat terbuka. there is 7 bill people in this world and there is alot of opinion and perceptions towards this. i am jolting mine's down.

i'd say, either u are going to oppose the gov, or on the move with the gov, berhati2 ketika membuat statement. and kalau membangkang, kalau baca paper, kepala otak jangan bias sangat. tak semua kerajaan buat tu salah dan tak semua pembangkang buat tu betol.

kenapa nak beriya-iya? ada yang keje gov tapi dalam diam menentang, dasar tak sedar dek untung. takkan semua dari sana jahat?

fikir sendiri.