967 - not another frustration post

#np - bowling for soup : almost.

and i quote the chorus

"i almost had you. but i guess that doesnt cut it. almost loved u. i almost wished that u would loved me too"

i almost had it. i waited long enuf. 6 months? 8 months? then things happened. out of nowhere.
failed my exam. failed this and that. whats next? who knows? maybe my heart, kidneys also will gave up on me.

i didnt function well this morning. i didnt even attend the pep talk. headache. maybe because the sleep. i need to be in control of myself. i need to be calm. like i used to be. this brain of mine is tired to do over-thinking process. i want to be another mindless monster which have no programs or control upon myself today.

lets begin with disconnecting myself. and see how the day ends later.