sup, its raya 2016!

i got the chance to go back a bit longer during raya. kinda miss home. everything changes. the family, the people, the environment, my friends. the batu pahat i know, suddenly, i dont know anymore. but it kinda feels the same too, somehow. oh yeah, sempatlah singgah summit haritu. all those memories, growing up there...theres no more summit parade batu pahat.

heres my family. thats me from the left, my brother celi, my mother, my sister yaya and my littul bro man. without dad this year. hes raya-ing with his buddies there at dhaka. haha

my my aunts and my cuzzies and nieces and newphews. sibuk main handphone. 

it does feels like raya. waking up in the morning, hujan di almost semua tempat. and the food. gawd so nice. oh oh lupa. yeah we still organize bbq mcm biasa this year dekat pt besar. the 6th year, i think antara tahun paling tak ramai and chill je. small one. hanging out the boys as i didnt really go back to see them often. dem good people.

people keep calling me abang tarik kereta bcos of my hair do. hahah. and guess who's back in town? the JG guys. its takes forever to gather these people around, lagilah tgh raya ni. luckily hari sabtu tu masing2 dah boleh kata reda beraya, apa lagi, bersidang la. sani is getting married this coming 6 aug. marking the only ones left in JG guys were me, falah and wan. falah is getting there, wan in a few, me? i havent made any progress on this one. and i kinda promised myself not to have another one within a year. so i can focus on my things, career and maybe farm a lil bit of money for another trip. i havent went anywhere this year besides langkawi and sabah for iza's wedding. planning for pangan juga this december with jerol n lap n fami but we'll see how. desperately need vitamin beach.

the boys, 22 years and counting. 

meet wiwi. the house cat. all she does is sleep, eat he cookies, pretending to watch tv and being scared all the time. 

i'll see you in the next post! ja!