Apakah yang tersirat.

It's already pre-end of the year. And these dreams of me flying keep on coming randomly. But, for each dream, I learnt to fly consistently. I wonder what was the meaning of these dreams? Hopefully its something profound. Cause its absurd if I had been able to fly, isn't it?

I heard being able to fly in your dream means that your life will get better in time. Especially if you learn how to fly and consistently keep on learning. Or is it that I'm gonna meet someone who can make me feel like I'm flying in a sense of love? Well, think I've already met that someone. But, still I had the dream last week. This time I learnt that I had to save people. Crap, I know.

Well, for what is worth. Eventhough its in my dreams, its awesome to be able to fly up high. The feeling is just undescribable.

Anyhow, it might be just a meaningless dreams. God gave me such opportunity to relieve the pain of living as an ordinary people and relive the feeling of being important and special. I feel like I'm floating now. Fantasy.

my mind is pure,and im naive XD