deleting people.deleting burden.deleting old memories.deleting unnecessary people and person.

keeping real-life people.keeping real-friends.keeping good memories.keeping necessary people and person.

learning to be more positive,learning to accept people.learning to be fair and square.

i am not cool.i am narrowminded.i am also conservative.i hate bookworms.i hate who people who wears songkok,kopiah,and so on just to keep their image looks innocent and skemical.i am not pious.i dont get along with people but i just play along with them.only people who had the same brainwave cud get along with me.for instance.attufah.

i hate those type of people because i find them hypocrite.and if i had my chance.i would like to step on their head and spit the shit out of them.there is no need to show that ur are that pious.who cares.its my grave not urs.wanna take out some sin in me? carry some for me dude.if u insist =]

to those who i call friends.i shall keep u tight in my those i know or met for 1-3 years.u are not allegedly yet to be call friend and buddies.please keep this in mind.

i shall do no more barrier on u.u shall have 100% free will and spirit.go out there and discover new people.i do cherish u meeting new people.

i am controlling my own fate.i do not believe in hope.i denies the existence of hope.i am empty at all heart is black,dark,cold and deep.i had lopsided,full of fuck you smiles.please dont tell me to smile.i had no feelings.i seldom cries.i seldom get help.

replace me if needed.uninstall me from ur memory if needed.i shall unregister myself from ur hard drive.i am usb cable.plug me in if u need me.discard me if u dont want me.i am also replaceable.if im broke and cudnt be repaired.just go and buy a new one.or simple just borrow from sumbody to replace me.

i shall delete my online meeting tools.friendster,myspace,facebook.and possibly this blog.i shall become a shadow.and i think this is enough to delete my existance from the internet world.and i will do the same in the reallity.i shall not go out from my gonna sit at the corner of my room and rot myself to die.i am not capable of handling and meeting people.whatever comes from me is lies and whatever happens from lies is despair.

this is me.
qayyum bin abdul razak.

till then.this is the last post from now.
i do accept emails.and the office-hp number is probably on.

i shall not regret this path i choose.either still empty.i had sumthing which i dont have at is Goodbye.till then.

ja ne~