U have sombody,u dont have sombody.

U have somebody.Its close to ur heart.but not to ur eyes.
U have somebody.U talk to them.but with invisible walls of miles.
U have somebody.U get the chance to see them.But not with ur optical eyes.
U have somebody.U really think that u have somebody.but the fact is.u dont have them at all


i didnt meant to lie.or do summore lies.and then again lies and lies.but i've become null.
also i didnt meant not to tell i've become null.its complicated.loooongg way to go.
everytime / everysec i end up lying to myself.choose to fought the law of the nature by sleeping
in the day.just to kill the "lonesome".and at night i've become a "killer" just to divert away from being caught up in emotional state of talker/thinker.i kill just to had the adreneline pumped up so that i wont get emotional.and lost the ability to think normally apart from looking for a pretty stupid quarrel and fights which wud never ends.


i also denies and didnt believe in hope.hope is a fake tool for the weak people just to make them keep going and going for nothing.and hope is nothing had to do with GOD's Will or Qada/Qadar.its just our state of brain,trying to simulate the ending would be probably suit oneself,or a premeniton/vision of ourselves fullfilling what we want.its true.hope is a tool of a mindset/culture.believe me.go do a reseach about cognitive/in cognitive behavioral.or a pablov theory/gestalt.or much perhaps miracle does exist.who knows?


call me liar,call me pretender.i am the best at it.i never failed in lying to myself.
the truth is.the heart never lies.

if anybody,anybody,feels that themselves are mentioned or just feel anything bout this post.take a time to think.re-evaluate ur current value of life.dont let the emotion do the thinking.get in control in urself for the 1st time.

~cheers mates~