Bozell Worldwide.

Yo.Today,lets skip the emotional part okay? Move on,life is like a series of room.Today u stuck with that person and tomorrow u'll stuck with another person.One day,one room.Nuff said.

I went to Kelana Jaya do to a simple but noooot that simple research for the professional project paper.So we decided to pursue one of the prominent Print Advertiser in Malaysia which is Bozell Worldwide.The team consists of 4 individuals which is Marlina the boss,Cik Ah the secretary,Pork Yeah the camera/video&audio guy and i the designer/creative director.Yes we're 4 people Miss ****,not 5,and we didnt think that were so weak without Abe Roe with us cuz were stronger than u think Miss ****.Yes we didnt know how to speak english fluently like u do and we dont have an accent like u do Miss ****.Oh i dont give a damn fuck to ur Ireland slangs n so.Or Scottish can kiss my arse goodbye.Fuck you and ur seniors work.Piece of shit.Ops sorry cuz being emotional.I hate when people talk about Abe Roe.They think without Abe Roe,we cudnt survive.Hell no.Abe Roe also takes us as his biggest enemy now,FYI Miss ****.

So our topic is a bout "Print Advertisment,is it worth,expensive and how does the impact towards people" Only 2 groups dare to proceed with advertising.And i wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how Miss **** do with that Phucking Rapeshiiit (PR) projects.

In advertising,all i can say is money,money,money(Donald Trump's theme song).U did this = money.That money.The simple work is just to take a pen,jolt down a simple tagline for example :

Product : Miss **** Babi Doll Figure.
Tagline : Buy me and i'll be ur whore forever.

The tagline here,is paid by hourly.On the AAAA's rate (advertisers associate article blah3),1 hour of brainstorming cost 285 for the comercial media and 411 on non-comercial media.WHOAAA.MONEY RULES.If u take more time,the more creative tagline will prompt,means MORE MONEHHHHH.FYI copywriter is the easiest job.Mcm tukang buat kopi LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.Apa tah lagi designers,photographers,creative and art director.Satu jam brainstorm tapi takde hasil kau tgk bape banyak duit bole bwat.LOLOL were are richer from doctors perhaps.Doctors perhaps, will run out of patients but the world will never run out of product and services.Ni blom kira yg TVC,baru print ad sahaja.

Oh the findings n the outcome of the interview tabole kasi tau.Karang ada parasitisma + plagraism berlaku.Bahaya.So based on our case,we can conclude.

1.The more u(client) spend,the more u'll get(advertiser).
2.Eventho expensive or cheap,the impact are beyond the imaginary.(ad yg mana sucks org ingat,yg mana top pon org still ingat.)

Btw company yg kiteorg approach ni agak besar gak peranan,diorang handle Volvo,Dumex,Astro's Bolos,Naza,Toyota,blahblahblahblah..

Okie im done with the jakunese attitude.Here's the sneak preak =DDD

aku dgn ina depan kaunter.

real je tanye si kelvin ni pasal quotation.dia pon ntah tau ntah along je la.ahaha

kat tangan aku ni yg cerah tu RM 32,120.40 FINE ART and yg dull tu RM 17.201.17 tuk completed to publish.kaye sial skali upah je sesenang je RM baru ada 7-8 org.LOL KAYA!

"Wall of Ads"


yang,gimme that mac G5,sumpah tak cari lain.gyahaha

Mabok meh.Ahahaha XDDDDD

Okay.Im done with tonssss of assignments and series of test.Jom balik kampong.Uwa tapi tak bli tiket.Sure dah abis.Sedang memikir cara balik ke kampung.Koteh sungguh.Anybody,ada kosong? aku nak tumpang pls.