correcting things.

lepas keluar dari satu hell hole aku terjatuh lagi dalam satu hell hole.again and again.dulu study.selesai masalah study,masalah hati.then now dua-dua skali.urgh.aku stress gile2.need diazepam in a lot of quantity please.i shud take 4 instead of 2.biar melayang.

sungguh fucked up situasi kehidupan aku skarang.sangat-sangat fucked up.tadi pagi mid term.very nais.aku dapat kertas.then end up tulis nama.there goes 20% aku for programming.very damn nice.then for maths its 2.5/15.wouldnt that make my day? yeah very nice thank you.its not like i cant do.i just..blur..too many things dlm kepala otak aku.rasa nak burst out..tapi tak burst out..
hilang semua bende dlm otak..terbodoh aku kat situ sejam stgh.then balik blur.baring tapi cant i text luna.dia pon kosong jugak katanye.haih..

em.starting soon im gonna start to correct things..i dont know if i cant,but i'll definitely try.
tak cuba then tak tau.

so here goes the list :

1)im quitting dota.yes.u heard me.qayyumx/pokerface is gonna quit for real this year - sorry last thing i'll do is try to organize the event and do the t-shirt for u guys.
2)focus more in study since next year is the killer year.
3)involved more in clubs and society,especially astena.
4)fix up my miserable life by trying to enjoy life.if u know by what i mean enjoying.
5)try to less online.its irresistable but i'll try.people tends like to talk with me on IM's.i dont know why.
6)try to live in organized time tables for myself.
7)do sports.gym and jogging.please do not stop qayyum.not now.ur far from stopping.
8)back to the ONE.
9)forget everything.eventho its not worth the pain.
10)redha.tawaduk.cekal dgn what happen.thats what my mom says..
11)kemaskan diri..aku sungguh miserable..

right..i'll try this..lets see if its correct me in a way...better from the fucked up life turns me into a monster,or sell my soul to the devil,this is my last last wall of last walls of ego.the last piece of myself.last piece of my mind which actually thinks.

gutten nicht.ja~ne


Luna said...

Yum.. Jom, I want to make up for the times I've been wasting just like you.


Mach's gut.

Anonymous said...

fuhhh luna ajak make out. hahaha