i miss lanc.inc a lot.

lanc inc.a group of extraordinary Defense of The Ancients (DOTA) players which i manage to assemble from last year.with my leadership,lanc inc has reach to a very high level of gameplay,style,teamwork,combo,understanding with coordinated absolute defense and offense in the lanes we control.the games we play usually consists of 5 versus 5.and the outcome? 5 come 5 die.not 5 of us.its 5 of our rivals.

lanc inc had a good team position consist of 2 main gankers (runner) which is myself,qayyumx and my lane partner Xn-Inqhisa.we both act as the mastermind of in executing team kills or hunting enemies in their territory.why we claimed to be the best gankers? we never let them go.we kill instantly,without they noticing it.with my experties in providing the team with several support-kill items,my combo with qhisa is quite imposible to be defeated.

next up is the 2 farmers.this position is usually filled in by my captain,StevenYong38(main farmer/carry),my squad leader,crackerzx(2nd farmer),elite member,ahmy-monkey(semi carry,semi farm) and feyyo red(semi gank).their job is only to farm the money,and own in the late game (minutes 30 and above).both gankers will cover the 2 farmers when they farming in the lane.with coordinated attacked command issued by me,their safety is assured.

and the last position is support role.this role is usually/automatically filled in by me,but then this role is played by bmdghost.this role will provide the team with healing items,wards and courier.he is also responsible for telling the team which lanes holds the power up such as haste,double damage,illusion and invisible.those who manage to control this power up will had the upperhand in the game.

our combination is quite impossible to be countered,or defeated.because we're the best among the best.whats differ us from the others clan is,we play for victory,and fun.and what differs us from other malays team? i'd say we play for the malays.eventho lanc inc got 2-3 chinese in it.but some of the malays like to pretend to be chinese and bully their own race.then get cocky with it.lanc inc arent like that.

lanc inc also had several new talents which currently in development such as qb-makang,ryoma010,U~G,feyyo white,botakku.

preparing for a team gank.feyyo as bait,steven as 2nd bait and i as the main job.

i go in,and use ravage,while others attacking and there comes qhisa,the big package delivering a mighty epicenter right after i use ravage on them.

the result is very clear.5 come? 5 dead.

i am very proud with my boys.none of them can be replaced.sorry i couldnt play that much nowdays.gotta do sumthing.you guys keep it up.

p/s : got a bunch of lanc.inc replays against others.mail me if interested.


aha keke said...

name aku belakang sekali... -.-

Luna said...

aku rindu nak men cs. ari tu reformat laptop ilang~ ta de kawan yg ad cs. cis.

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

at least ada.dari takde fik ;p

oh cs.cant play la.nanti muntah.motion sickness.

aha keke said...


Luna said...

haha! aku pernah men conquer and renegade sampai muntah~

lyke muntah betul. literally.