hello mr punchbeg.

July 2009.

july 26,
-went to gym.meet up new friends : dumbells,skipping ropes,back trainer,bike

july 28,
-met a new friend named : mr punchbeg.he gave me permission to punch his face.

july 29-31
-he getting closer and closer to me

August 2009

august 1-august 3
-back in home town

august 4
-i share my biggest secrets/regrets with him,and he let me punch his fucking face so hard as the payment for listening of my blah blah blehs

august 5
-we became best friends.

i think he could be my bestfriend for now (non-living thing),and he understand me the most,unlike you guys do.he seems to understand for what im going through and helping me out from the hell hole that i've been living till now.

yours sincerely,

p/s : i love u mr punchbeg.


Anonymous said...

share besfren plz.

Rfq Kml said...

mula2 sahabat. lepas itu love mr punchbag.

then lastly, u would bring him home and make out with him.as usual. -.-

Unknown said...

what happen to you..

Paishx said...

bengong rfq.

Luna said...

as usual??