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perhaps the most interesting world in english word today is the word FUCK.out of all the word that begin with the letter F,FUCK is the only word referred to the F WORD,one magic word of all.

it is not only associated with the sex term,in fact,in one word,it can be used to describe PAIN,LOVE,HATE,PLEASURE and GRATITUDE.

FUCK is driven from the word FRICHEN (german) which means to strike,FUCK also falls into many grammatical categories for instance,

transitive - rafiq fucks rafiq jr
intransitive - rafiq fucks

as for adjective - fuck is used in these circumstances
:rafiq is doing all the fucking work alone.

as for adverb
:rafiq is talking too fucking much.

as for adverb enhancing adjectives
:rafiq is fucking gay

as a noun
:rafiq dont give a fuck

as a part of a word
:rafiq is doing his job in-fucking-credibilly

FUCK can also be used as daily word of expression in several circumstances in our daily life.
for example,

if we get fraud - i got fucked up by this fucking taxi
if were in trouble - i guess im fucked up now
if were having difficulty - i dont understand this fucking question
if were having disatisfaction - i dont like what the fuck is going on here
dismissing people - why dont you go outside and fuck yourself.
to dismay - ohh fuck it
as inquiry - what the fuck is that?
incompetence - he's a fuck face
as agression - dont fuck with me buddy.

i can anyone be offended with the usage of FUCK in our daily lives.

say it loudly and proudly



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farain said...

gile fuck ah hahahahahaha

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

cool eh?


Unknown said...

nice sharing(^.^)... say fuck to qayyumx hehehehehe

aidateddy said...

wut tha FUCK?!


i fucking laf this post! =)

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

haha its one of my proposal on subject language XD