Congested Malaysia or System Failure? Who to blame?

taken on friday, around 6.30. i know its peak hour for working citizens of malaysia. i have trouble on catching up with the train. i skipped the 1st train - 6.15 because of its freaking packed. and i managed to get in to the 2nd train eventho its full. damn crappy inside. too many smells. too many banglas, too many lalas, too many ah bengs, too many hijabsters/yunarian.

but i dont blame them. IMHO, i blame the system. the trains always delay delay and delay. sometimes trains are having problems. train is not enough. bla bla bla.

its like, u cant stop people from producing people right? but the situation here is the train availability,  frequency, capacity.

who to blame? the people? no. IMHO again, star/putra is okay, eventho its overcapacity at times, but is unbelievably punctual at times. on the screen it says 7 minutes and yes it 7 minutes time. sometimes la but not always 7 turns to 9 or 10. but its acceptable.

lets talk about KTM. how long does it takes on u guys personal experience? every one station it takes around 1 hour. if u wait for them in KL central. i used to travel from shah alam to kl and vice versa, it says 11.30 on the screen. it arrives at 11.52 on my count. how do u explain that? with so many people, how cud they take passengers in that way? what if the train slips? what if the train over capacity and accidentally rolled over? who to blame?

IMHO, KTM is cutting the budget. the little the train travels, the more people they can carry = its saves the budget and revenue. this is one of my hypothesis.

another one is the gahmen is not giving them incentive to buy new trains, or enhance the service, since its public, any sponsored by nobody, well, who give them a damn right?

and next is about the ticketing method and pricing. in other countries such as singapore (the nearest), even UK, only 1 ticket is needed for u to travel around the place. less people que up, less congested stations. why cant we do a system like this? any explanation on that? everystation we need to pay different price, and also when we change lrt system we need to purchase a new tickets also. this is crappy. this waste time.

so. what say u? as a fellow malaysian. as a public transportation user? any suggestion? for us to tell these people to improve the service. do us malaysian and malaysia a favor.



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