congratulations, achievement unlocked !

i havent been saving much lately, just get myself a samsung phone last friday. spend much on saturday and sunday for those #twtups.

and i can conclude that i have achieve my half year goal and only several things is needed to make it complete

ipod nano - done
samsung galaxy/tab - done
gaming keyboard/mouse - done
new casing and graphic card - not done
watches/sling bags/handbands - done
new clothes/jeans - almost done

yeah i know havent been saving lately. bila dah merasa duit. always nak beli itu dan ini. lagi pun kawan2 pun nak kena di belanja jugak. adik2 nak kena di beri imbuhan jugak

i have to start planning for my financial/economical strategy soon. bahaya mcm ni, keje banyak gaji tak nampak. dammnit

oh and..

i dunno but i have the feeling that im gonna be #foreveralone this raya too. its been 3 years, so sad. i haz sadz