things that makes me happy. or at least i am happy.

nothing much. im just wanna share song thats never fails turns me okay after having some bad moments.
what u got problem with a k-pop fans like me? call me gay? sigh really u need a serious beating. for someones who loves girls u call em gay? and u? listening to britney and westlife and backstreets boy shits, dont u ever deny that fact. and again u think u cool listening to somewhat weird music? things u cudnt really understand? german songs? taiwan songs? dont be a GOD in between humans. DO NOT JUDGE if u dont want to be judge.

i am well aware of all of those lyrics from those various artist. i do LEARN KOREAN BY MYSELF AND U DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT ARE THEIR CONTRIBUTION IN MY LIFE.

well, enjoice

t-ara's falling you

rainbow's kiss

angela aki's black glasses

PERSONAL FAV when its rains
angela aki's - RAIN

kodoku no kakera - fragments of solitude

theres a lot but i think these really made my day. enjoicee