fragments of solitude

i think i deserve some apology from several people. its not like that u dont know me.

have u ever see me doing the same thing u do to me yesterday? do u even think before u talk? i was hurt man. badly. and that one name clings to me as i treat it as my life. ur name. ur life. its u. u dont deserve to talk about the name that way. i highly respects friendship as friendship is the thing that keep me from saying things that u guys dont want to listen to. or keeping me and my punches and knives away from ur flesh. think about it. i dont mind if i doesnt get my apology. but since the last event. i've lost the heart. i've heard things i dont want to heard. from a friend.

respect and loyalty does not comes from fear. respect, loyalty and obidience is gained, is earn by knowing the people, knowing how to use the authority, do not misused the trust given.

i was devastated. i had enough. im keeping away my distance starting today. im sorry i just cant forget it for now. i dont mind u guys giving me hell. calling names. but yesterday was unacceptable. i cant accept it at all. and since we're friends for so many years. i'll be the one who will say im sorry.

im sorry i troubled u guys yesterday. it was all my fault. it was my bad. my bad judgement, my bad.

sorry. im truly sorry.