everybody is trying to be different. how different is that different? all i can see is difference in wearing clothes, difference in the taste of music, difference in one's hobby, difference is belong to some social group. and i keep trying to see what lies beneath these sets of differences between each and everybody. and my answer leads me to this.

to become a trendsetter, to become different from ordinary people, to attract attention. to become well-known. and of course, to look good infront of naive people

and some of you might say, "kau pun apa kurangnya, tulis topic mcm ni" and hello, this is a private blog, not a public one, so i am disclosing this issue in my own yard and space and obviously not doing a discussion among other people. and labeling them like ustaz azhar idrus and his fan does, and yeah, fuck you haters.

in other words, to view this into a very very detailed points, let me give out an example.

in music.

case 1:
common people would listen to enya.
or shud i say very common people like the malays is very familar with zainal abidin, the very own malaysia's enya.

case 2:
rare and ohsem people listens to epica, or sigur ros
or shud i say very rare and very ohsem people listens to howard shore and nightwish

my case :
good music is just good music, there is no rarity and no super awesome in it.

this is only music, not to mention clothes type, fav restaurant. bla bla bla and the list goes on. those rare people who claims to do rare and ohsem things, you people is not that rare. dont think highly about urself. ur just another person who does seek for acceptance in others people life. proving that ur just trying to be better than everyone else. u may fool and deceive the stupid ones, young kids, naive people. but u aint fooling the whole world.

look, it doesnt matter what u do, what u wear, what u listen, or where do u belong to. as long as ur humble, its okay. everybody is calling each other BBNU, and might not really aware that urself is the real BBNU.

its like the case that i really hate hijabsters while u guys hating K-POPs. the war goes on. final score, we both achieve nothing,