man of god.

recently there were a bit of chaos in #twitterjaya. regarding somebody says that ribena and coke is HAROOM.  turned out to be a youtube video of one ustaz which state that ribena and coke is HAROOM is non other than ustaz azhar idrus.

there is a few things i dont like about him and his fans.

1. in that video he says that somebody from UK confirmed that ribena containing alcohol.

-did u test it urself?
-do u somewhat of a degree holder of food technology course?
-why jakim label it HALOL while u saying its HAROOM

2. coke is used as toilet cleaner? thinner?

-kidding me? i am alive and well after 25 years of consuming this shit
-my mom drink coke a lot longer than me. alive and still kicking it.
-u guys fuckin believe that coke soaked in pork and after 6 hours the worms comming out?


to me, ustaz azhar idrus is just another human, another person who have a little bit of deeper islamic understanding and while u guys believe everyshit coming out from his mouth without thinking. a no brainer.

ceramah dia best? aku tak penah lagi tgk full length. but according to my 25 years of living and listening to lecture, there no lecture which is not bored and sleepy until it came down to the Q & A section, which 90% consist of stupid questions which will break the sleepy moments with laughs.

am i right? am i? ok fine sbb dia ustaz korang semua bekap dia. ustaz tak penah fuckup. kan? *tgk utube ustaz azhar idrus tarik balik kata2 dia pasal coke & ribena haram*

watching 3-4 videos of him in utube, reading the screenshot siri sesi soal jawab with him at facebook make me facepalm. benda bodoh pon nak tanya? and he answered it all. which makes him look stupid. sigh. sigh. sighhh.

u might label me a org yg tak faham islam. u might label me a freethinker, u might label me murtad. but to my understandings. a person who goes to sekolah agama in johor, holding a certificate form jabatan agama islam johor which can be used to apply jobs as ustaz, imam, cikgu sekolah agama, i find this ustaz is only a celebrity ustaz. not that real kind of ustaz.

we will never agree on each other. i see things from a very different view, different perspective. i really treasure knowledge.

please. islam and knowledge co exist. do not separate both of this and adds on another factor, which is MELAYU.