hello 2012

i did nothing much on the new year's eve. lepak dengan homeboys kat seroja tgk man u kalah dengan blackburn. yet amin ajak aku ke melaka dengan din. aku pass. not in the mood to weng sana weng sini. end up pegi tgk the darkest hour in bp mall with dod. new year gays night. oh yeah. aku tadi pegi toilet on 11.59 31/12/2011 and keluar 12.06 1/1/2011 ahahah so aku dah masuk toilet selama setahun LEULZ

nah just kidding. 31/12/2011 to 31/12/2012 is considered 1 year. the movie was nice. the kid yg belakon in to the wild jadi hero. the kid yg sama belakon i want candy. good actor. but skrip dia a bit childish. maybe film ni for science fiction geek. but overall its really ok. not that bad. 3D awal2 je. late is quite ok la. menghampakan tapi ok. 3/5 stars.

the heroin is quite hot. really my type. dang ur so fine girl.

talking bout 2012.

nothing much. resolution? i aint need one. just living life and take it as what it is. simple.

and i just having a thought tadi in the movie. in this age of 25. im feeling like to settling down by the next 2 year. get me a girlfriend. date for a few months. marry her.

im considering a teacher or a nurse to be mine. and her trait must be like this :

-i dont want her to be a great cook, its enough if she can cook me asam pedas ikan pari and make me a glass of cold sirap selasih. #WIN

-not necessarily wearing tudung. either free hair. but fulfilling the islamic needs and does what the holy book says.

-can look after my mom and dad when their old.

-can tolerate if im coming back home late everynight.

-simply put her visual look must be like hyomin of course, but whatever may also can. ahahah, actually i found one. i just dont have the heart to tell her so. shes quite young. for now im gonna watch her from a far.

ah its 4.00 am. i dont know what i'll be doing tmr. maybe hang out around the arcade center again. maybe another round of movie. havent watch sherlock holmes and jack & jill yet.

maybe going to JPO? or a wipeout at local cyber cafe playing dota with JG homeboys.

well then good night. happy new year.
stay safe on the road.

and i gotta share this, the best lesson i learned from 2011 is

"family bonds are important". <-- this word came out from a person who used to hate and denies his own flesh and blood siblings.