waste, u, us, we all.

this year, 2 of my best friend broken up their engagement. due to some stupid reason which i find that kinda rather really stupid.

lets make em short.

case 1 : the girls cheated on my friend. after 7 years of being together. they known each other since form 3. and whats make it complicated is my friend is already with another friend of mine, and he leave this girl to go to this girl who broke their engagement.

case 2 : the stupid malay culture problem, langkah bendul. i am very pissed of listening to this guy story, langkah bendul my ass, malay culture can go and suck my balls. nak kawin dgn gelfren tapi di sebabkan kakak dia tak kawin lagi, u gotta buy those things for 2 person. butoh apa culture mcm ni? yes and that girl is a syed lineage, which consist of arab and malay culture. i had this experience once.

look, to me, ini bukan soal jodoh. i mean like, ok jodoh is jodoh. and restu thinggy? duh its u who getting married and i think the blessing is coming from god, not both ur parents. i dont think this 2 cases is that hard. but people end up with their solution. which is running away from the problem. not breaking their old man's heart instead of its okay to break urs.

and this proves that love doesnt mean shit, love is just wasting time, money, energy, heart and soul. to me, parents issue if ur really2 love that person, this means nothing. redha atau tak redha, is not on their hands. morally yes, guilty as charged, but in the terms and perspective of my own opinion, this is not more than just you go againts ur parents, and religion vs culture.

i personally had experience where i spend so much during lovey dovey moments. this and that. time, energy, heart and soul. and in the end everything turns to dust. wasted. heart is broken till now. the pain is still felt till today. i cant imagine myself on being on their shoes. must be painful. everynight u'll tryna figure out how the hell u gonna sleep. what are u gonna do when u finish ur work, what to do when ur boring. whos u gonna talk to. the emptiness comes in and consume the living hell of u.

cinta sampai mati, sayang awak sangat2, when it comes to parents. BUTOH. binded and bounded by both family relations and culture, love is cheap. fucking cheap. i dont know what u guys might think. but to me, this wedding thingy i dont think that u cant handle by urself. i mean, look at u. u can manage urself. of course u can manage ur own wedding. there is no need to hold that grand event wedding of the year, there is no need to tell the whole world that ur getting married. back to basic. back to how islam marriage shud be carried out.

persetankan culture, persetankan adat, persetankan kehendak. lain lah kalau ada terminal disease, or things that is really2 fatal, i know that jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan tuhan, but at least TRY a bit before quitting, can?

i hope there is no more case like this in the future, pity my buddies, bercinta mcm nak rak berpuluh taun. in the end, mcm ni? fucking cheap girls. really. cheap ass mother fucker


Atika Azumi said...

my bf always says jodoh tu actually kat tangan kita. kalau kita nak, kita dapat. vice versa.

langkah bendul is just crap. mcm mak aku dulu, adik ipar dia belikan kain and cincin utk dia sebab dia tak kawin lagi. tapi sampai skang mak aku cakap jgn amal adat langkah bendul ni. menyusahkan sebelah pihak.

meleis are merely stupid. yg nak kawin anak2, parents sebok apahal ?

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

aku really no komen...i was like wth dengar benda2 camni...