101 : typical malays-ians.

i tick off few people ass last friday with the post UiTM is for only bumi's and alike. the so called "the god chosen ones" only bumi's or shud i say, majority MALAYS can study while the others, who doesnt belong originally from this land called Malaysia or Tanah Melayu can stay at the corner, rot, die and burn in hell for being ignorant for not being able to join UiTM.

fool. u dont have to read this. i really mean it. if ur a "pendekar" like ibrahim ali and hang tuah do. i think u shud stop reading from this point on wards. i dont want to get a free punch or santau from u for writing this article.

and what im going to write today. is about our own race special traits.

which is. the ability to piss off where ever, when ever, what ever.

ever subscribe something? or wait to get a place to eat something good and somewhere? ever heard of the word patience? 

how the hell u can be pissed off when u are notified to pay ur bills just in case to avoid disconnection of service in the future?

how the hell can u be pissed off when there is only a few cracks of sands in ur plain rice and ur eating at local warung not at an exquisite high society dine in?

how the hell can u be pissed off due to failing communication during bad weather, or maybe a signal breakdown?

and u did this by scolding the wrong people for the actions they didnt do? me? i work in those company. everyday i listen to these stupid inquiry and scoldings which is really not relevant to even hear it in the 1st place. 
and what are u paying for the service, is actually is not enough.


i aint saying i never did these. in fact, i did. and i stop doing until i became one of them. i know whats happening inside and outside. and i dont care really to those who are complaining. i took u all as a fool. u know its not worth it why did u get the service in the first place?

notify u for the bills - u get angry? the hell?
no time to pay for the bills - angry?

living in this IT era. u shudda know right? - autopay, onlinebanking, telebanking.

on a regular basis, system is introduce to control crouds. to smoothen things. but most of the time system fucked it up. and that is why there is still human working beside kiosk. just so u know, that both human and system is affected and have their defect. unless u came out with a brilliant idea to fix these, please step forward.

i stop complaining and learn to be patience long time ago. when will u do?

and i am sad because majority i see doing this stupid things is our own race. malaysians.


LCW in action.