spending on march.

200 - maxis
200 - clcom
250 - loan
200 - tmnet
200 - astro
200 - actosa
200 - going back to back batu pahat on 1st week and 2nd week march
150 - medication/hospitalization


200 - mom
200 - celi's laptop
50 - office usage
200 - upfront for mistake
30 - replacing wrong termination.

gila...banyak duit habis...mmg ekonomi dah kukuh. i need to start saving. again. dah nak masuk april n may.
duit tak cukup lagi nak holiday kat korea. kalau tak cukup. i need to give the ticket to my brother instead...
i need to cut down expenses. really. kalau mcm ni 5 ribu gaji pun habis. i wonder how my dad raise me and the siblings with his basic starts at 1400 back in 1986.

i need to learn how to save from him...if only i cudda talk to u dad...if only...


Pink said...

go lah spend time wif ur dad :)