let this die

why are u calling when nobody is home?
who ever ur chasing, that person is already gone.

dont write her a letter, cause it wont be read,
and dont say a word which already been said.

yes, its too late now.

i know how hard u've tried, but trying to keep this alive,
u cant do this anymore.
u gotta let it go.
so i think its time
to let this die.

put down ur armor, there is no need to fight,
and ur making this hard and harder, the harder u try.

and u cant control this, so put it down to rest.
stop playing it over. like a song, stuck in ur head.
yeah. its too late now.

i cant bear to watch u leave.
u know in ur heart that she's not the one u need
i'll show u how its meant to be,
so just close ur eyes and take my hand, come with me
so come with me yeah.