for the 1st time from (october - july),aku rasa gembira.FOR REAL

oh yeh dapat jadi project leader for ASTENA upcomming underground theater project.

fucking-YAY to myself.

and FUCKING-yay to myself for getting a position in ICLICQ commitee.
i really did a good job this week.weeeee

i deserve this title lama dah.but now baru ada hati dgn kemahuan nak be the project leader.yeyeh~

happy gileeeeeeeee.

cant tell u much about the theater project,but bole categorikan as experimental/horror/monolog+drama will consist of 6 elements/characters that will evolved into 1 drama which share the "theme"

really hope dapat jemput people from aswara and some of good frens dari uitm.
well then.wish me good luck :D



Rfq Kml said...

I am always at ur back supporting u, although this sentence sounds so gay.pfft

melissa faeka said...

congrats! ;D

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

makasih guys :D

need ur support.later i'll inform the show,datang lah.bring ur frens too

Paishx said...

oi brape ari bulan ?
nk tgk gak..
tapi rasenye tgh spm kot aku -_-"
syang skali...