lets get started!

debate - need to do research about the topic : undang-ndang di negara kita mampu mengatasi masalah perpaduan national.im gonna be the 2nd speaker.(any ideas fellows?)

presentation on products - research done about psp.im writing revised speech.hoho gonna be a salesman tho.

buy myself a texas calculator - this calculator really helps with statistic which im taking now.damn maths.

programming - this thing is new.i dont understand anything bout it.gonna study soon.quiz comming up on friday.duh

keusahawanan/kepimpinan - gotta be the team leader,gotta gain respects from my people.got 2 ideas in my head.but i need to be a leader 1st.

astina - gonna join the theater club.either i'll be a player or prod.manager.

kayak - this sat is the 1st meeting.soooo cant wait to go there :D

going to mph/kinokuniya buying stationary - i need more test pad,i need highlighter and 2 files.(bawak aku sorang please aku takde transport)

p/s : kalau korang kata aku awal2 je semangat,har di situ korang silap :D


Luna said...

yeah! go Qayyum! go Qayyum!


tufah said...

ahh kau aku amek law stadi jer sebatang pen