sorry for long not posting due to my "separuh hancur knuckle during my session to the gym".i've decided to join the boxing/kenpo team.i wanna be a fighter.

this is all thanks to you.yeah.thanks.

p/s : sakit gila knuckle aku tumbuk punching bag.each and every punch contain essencse of my hatred,my anger and my pain.and everytime the punch touched the bag,the more hate i feel.


Luna said...

the more i touch the less i feel.

gotta give it one more try giving up is not my style.

those words are songwords of a song i forgot. i love those bits enough to remember them always. :)

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

gimme the song title.hmm.maybe denga ipod sambil punch the punching bag best. kene rehat for a week.kasi baik dulu my knuckle T_T